Municipal Profile

Geographical Location and Distance from the Capital Center of the Province

From the political view of the town, here comes the geographical insight of Alcantara. On its north, Ronda borders while Moalboal on the south, Argao borders in the eastern part while the
Alcantara is bordered on the north by Ronda, on the south by Moalboal, on the east by Argao Tañon Strait on the west.

It is approximately 85.3 kilometer from the metropolitan area of Cebu, starting from 00.00 at the Cebu Provincial Capitol. It belongs to the seventh congressional district of the Province of Cebu in its southwestern portion.

Land Area

It has a total land area of approximately 3,520 hectares distributed to its nine (9) barangays namely Cabadiangan, Cabil-isan, Candabong, Lawaan, Manga, Palanas, Poblacion, Polo, Salagmaya. Three (3) of which are situated in the coast line: Palanas, Poblacion and Polo. Of the three, Poblacion is considered as the business district of the town and where the municipal building is situated.

Income Classification

Its annual income as of CY 2020 is ₱ 81.32 million. It is economically classified as a 5th class municipality.